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Books are an important part of the learning process for every level of investor. It has been said that by reading a book a month in your field of interest, in 5 years you'll be among the top 5% experts in the world. With a book you get decades worth of experience condensed into a book that can be read in a matter of days. This helps you take shortcuts thanks to the experience and road maps left behind by these authors.  Success leaves clues.

Condition yourself to absorb the information and take action on the knowledge that you have gleaned from books.  One good idea can change your life.  Seek out those ideas through other peoples successes.

Below is a list of books I have read which will constantly be updated. Each book has a link to take you directly to Amazon.com where you can find new or used versions of the book you're interested in. 

Happy reading!


Covers option strategies in an easy-to-understand and concise format. To help test your knowledge and understanding, there are quizzes at the end of each chapter, along with a final examination at the end of the book.

A good book on trade adjustments.  How to manipulate your trades when a market or an asset has moved against you.  More of an intermediate or advanced traders handbook.




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Options involve risks and are not suitable for all investors.  Option trading can be speculative in nature and carry substantial risk of loss. Only invest with risk capital.